We were agency people. We, too, lived the culture and experienced the everyday commotion. That’s why we created Howlr and Samplr; to simplify, organize and otherwise make it sooooo much easier to get things done. More easy. More better. Check out the details below.

AS OF NOVEMBER 1, 2014 our products have been licensed to a private marketing agency. Please contact us at: email@toastedsnow.com for details.

A private social network just for you and your people
(no clients allowed!). Howlr helps to keep what happens within the walls of your agency contained and private (think Vegas, baby). That could include anything from your AD’s next greatest concepts, to what time the beer cart comes around on Fridays.

  • Share ideas and brainstorm across departments
  • Streamline internal communication
  • Encourage and cultivate agency life
    online and offline
  • Put faces to all those names on your directory

A digital portfolio of your agency’s work that you can access, edit, and show off any time, anywhere. Samplr is particularly good for those on-the-fly business pitches when new potential clients pop up unexpectedly (like, next to you on the plane, or standing in line for coffee).

  • Show your agency’s best creative online at any time
  • Know exactly who did what work,
    and get questions answered faster
  • Search your database to create
    mood boards, collages, custom portfolios,
    and everything in between

Speed up your creative review process and get work out the door and to your clients faster.

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Better understand feedback on Twitter and Facebook, and help everyone on your team become social media experts for your clients.

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We were agency people. We, too, were on the receiving end of client-deadline-budget drama.
We also lived the internal culture and experienced the everyday chaos of agency life. So we understand
what it means to be asked to do the seemingly impossible (like toasting snow…yes, now you get it).

At Toasted Snow, we have the awesome ability to see through the seemingly impossible and provide
completely doable private social networking solutions. Together we’ll simplify, organize and otherwise make
your agency life much, much more productive, and easier.We’ll even let you take the credit.

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